I wholeheartedly support Stephanie Newton for Linn County Commissioner. Now is the time for real, effective leadership in Linn County. In her fight for transparency for the Commission, she’s started live streaming every commissioner meeting, and as of July 23 the Commission has complied with her request to post minutes and agendas for the commissioner meetings online, which is a real victory for government accountability.

More importantly, Stephanie will not back down when faced with a challenge. She feels strongly that everyone should have access to healthcare, and is a champion for business development in Linn County.

Stephanie’s daughter was born premature so Stephanie has developed a deep sense of hope and optimism for others and would be a welcome change to our Board of Commissioners.

Please reach out to her on her website at stephnewton.com or on Facebook at Stephanie Newton for Linn County.

Wendy Nilsen

Lebanon (Oct. 4)

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