Mailbag: A better president than Trump?

Mailbag: A better president than Trump?


The claim by Mr. Farmer, and others, that Mr. Trump is the greatest president ever must be disputed.

How about a president who:

• has no fewer than 16 monuments erected in his honor, including a 351-foot concrete obelisk marking his birthplace, and 17 schools named after him.

• was a West Point graduate; Mexican War hero; congressman; two-term senator; secretary of war under the New Hampshire native son, President Franklin Pierce; and son-in-law to President Zachary Taylor.

• the originator of the U.S. Army Camel Corps.

Despite the fake news that he cross-dressed his way out Richmond to avoid detection, once incarcerated, he was bailed from prison by none other than the founder and editor of the New York Tribune, Horace Greeley.

He was never convicted of treason, yet his citizenship was only restored, posthumously, in 1978 by Congress.

No, Mr. Trump has a long way to go before he will eclipse the legacy of Jefferson Davis, and history teaches us all to be humble.

Scott Bruslind



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