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As mayor of Jefferson, I urge you to vote no on the recall effort.

I believe in our constitutional right to vote. In fact, my goal was to restore the citizen’s right to vote. I’ve been bullied, threatened, and stalked by a drone in my backyard.

Fiscally responsible: My use of an attorney is legal and advisable. My duties include approval of payables and signing checks.

Prior to swearing in, I submitted a worksheet to SunShot Energy (with six to eight awards between $750,000 and $2 million) for a project known as “Bright Bridge Project,” to beautify the bridge leading into Jefferson. An ethics violation was filed and subsequently dismissed. Dismissed. The ruling stated that the project would only benefit the city of Jefferson, not my friends or family. Hence, no conflict or nepotism.

I came to the mayoral position with no prior experience. Admittedly, I’m still learning. I’ve sought guidance and counsel from Jefferson’s elected officials, the League of Oregon Cities, the Council of Governments, the interim city manager, other mayors and city managers. I’ve attended coalition of mayors meetings in the mid-valley, City Council meetings and reviewed the city charter, Roberts' Rules of Order and city ordinances.

As mayor, I’m responsible for keeping council meetings on track and in order. With 70-plus people attending meetings, I created structure by incorporating a system that includes a sign-in sheet for comment; once called upon, citizens can then approach the podium to address issues.

There is only one sign in town, “Vote YES to Recall Mayor Hightower.” It’s strategically placed next to the school I work in. Its purpose is to intimidate and harass.

Cyndie Hightower

Jefferson (Sept. 1)


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