Letter: Bicyclist did not have to show ID

Letter: Bicyclist did not have to show ID


All the letters supporting the arrest of Genesis Hansen neglect one inconvenient fact: she wasn't breaking any laws by not showing ID. If the cops showed up at your door wanting to check and make sure your precious guns were stored safely would you comply, or scream and cry about that phony Second Amendment?

Dozens of Oregon legislatures, Republican and Democrat, have had the opportunity to pass laws requiring bicyclists to present ID to law enforcement when stopped for moving violations. In their great and unmatched wisdom, those legislatures have declined to enact such laws. Police have no authority to invent laws on the spot. Genesis Hansen was defending all of our rights by resisting an illegal arrest.

Now, in the face of some criticism of their work, the Oregon State Police has decided to take its ball and go home.

Good riddance.

Pete Petryszak

Corvallis (Oct. 23)


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