Mailbag: Getting rid of editor a foolish decision

Mailbag: Getting rid of editor a foolish decision


I used to think that merging the Corvallis Gazette-Times and the Albany Democrat-Herald was the dumbest thing Lee Enterprises could possibly do.

I was wrong. The clueless bean counters (sorry about the redundancy) at Lee Enterprises have now done something even dumber, by eliminating the editor’s position at the GazetteTimesDemocratHerald, thinking they can cut its way to a better future.

It’s as if the bean counters said, “We’re in stormy seas! We must lighten the load to keep the ship afloat! Let’s throw the helmsman overboard! Surely the ship can steer itself, right?!”

Why is it bean counters don’t get that you can’t cut your way to profitability? You must grow your way to success. You must figure out what your prospects need/want, and then provide it in a way that makes prospects joyful to become customers.

Atop the masthead of the Corvallis Gazette-Times, it states, “Your Community...Your Newspaper.” In modern-day parlance, that is FAKE NEWS! What Corvallis needs, what Albany needs, is for each community to truly have its own newspaper. And what both communities’ members need/want is MORE local news. Not rehashed, wire service national and world news. We all got that instantly as it happened yesterday. Give the community the coverage it wants and needs. You’ll get more subscribers in return. And then the advertising dollars will return because you’ll offer the effective reach to the local audience they yearn for.

It’s really so simple you’d think even a clueless bean counter could get it.

Curtis Wright




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