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    Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona recently confirmed that student loan repayments would begin again later in 2023, delivering what is likely to be a severe financial shock to borrowers who have not had to make payments for three years. This puts greater urgency on lawmakers to fix the flaws in the best idea for easing the transition: the "income-driven repayment" plan.

      In Cody Mann’s April 14 article on Corvallis facility needs (“Closing the funding gap”), City Manager Mark Shepard provides a list of facility improvements in Albany over the last 20 years, and then is quoted as remarking, “… over the same 20 years, what did Corvallis do?”

      When Editor Penny Rosenberg first moved to town in crisp October 2021, on Day 2 she took her sweetie's hand and made her first trek to the riverfront. And what were among her very first cellphone photographs? The river, her sweetie (or course) and …


      I believe that the current debt limit crisis is a deliberate attempt by House Republicans (in support of Donald Trump) to crash the economy and then try to pin it on Biden.

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