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SWEET HOME — Police Chief Jeff Lynn is asking the public for help identifying a man who entered Sweet Home High School early Monday without permission.

Lynn said staff encountered the man about 7:20 a.m. They believe he entered the building from an unsecured door near the rear of the building.

“The man did not respond when a staff member talked to him,” Lynn said. “That’s when the school notified us. We would like to identify this person and find out why he was in the high school. If he doesn’t belong there, we don’t want him to come back.”

Lynn said that after the man was approached by the staff member, he began walking off campus. He also appeared to be wearing only one shoe.

It doesn’t appear the man spent the night inside the building, according to Lynn, and he didn’t speak or interact with students.

Photos of the man were captured on the school’s surveillance camera system.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact School Resource Officer Geoff Hamlin at 541-367-5181.

Alex Paul



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