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Mailbag: Watching GOP scramble (Feb. 23)

Mailbag: Watching GOP scramble (Feb. 23)

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It's been said several times before, but it deserves repeating from time to time.

The GOP has scooped several constituencies off the bottom of the barrel after they abandoned the Dems over the years.

Those old war-mongerin' cold warriors after Vietnam — who later morphed into the neo-cons.

Those old "Dixiecrat" racists. After the civil rights legislation of the Sixties. A fine upstanding constituency to have (not!). Remember "benign neglect"? Lately, teabags seem to be all the rage with these folks.

And then the most rabid Bible-thumpin' literalists (fundamentalists) in the country after laws were passed so women could have some autonomy over their own bodies. Yet another "highly evolved" and "well educated" constituency to have in your political party (again, not!).

And the GOP was warned, repeatedly, what the long term consequences would be for catering to these constituencies. But they wanted the votes and didn't care much where they came from. Rather than sticking to their historical principles, they sold out and took the road of demagoguery instead, appealing to some of the darkest angels of our nature.

It's been a long time coming, but now? Thanks to Trump and his supporters, we are seeing what an ugly monster the GOP has become.

I have to admit, it's kinda fun watching heads explode in the conservative commentariat (re: George Will, Feb. 22). It's also fun watching the GOP establishment go nuts.

It's also great to live in a state that has been well ahead of the rest of the country in sending the GOP off to the wilderness.

Bill Halsey

Albany (Feb. 23)


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