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Mailbag: Fox has mastered art of demagoguery

Mailbag: Fox has mastered art of demagoguery


Re: “Fox has mastered art of deception,” Fred E. Shaub, May 6.

I must respectfully take issue with Mr. Shaub. I don’t think Fox has mastered deception at all! Anyone with so much as a minimally functioning BS detector can see right through Fox. 

What Fox has mastered and mastered quite well is the art of demagoguery (a word that likely has too many syllables for the attention span of the average Fox viewer). What Fox (along with televangelists — but that’s another story) knows is that there is a lot of money to be had by telling people what they want to hear — without regard for the truth. Thus demagoguery. 

To quote George Costanza, “Remember, it ain’t a lie if you believe it.” And thus we have the average Fox viewer.

Fox doesn’t measure its success by how well and truthfully its viewership is informed. It measures its success by how profitable its business is. And it’s very profitable. As long as there’s a market for its sewage, then we will have it stinkin’ up the place. 

To put it another way, Mr. Murdoch didn’t get into the news business to inform folks about the world they live in — he got into it to make a lot of money. Thank capitalism!  

Bill Halsey



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