A sex solicitation sting by the Benton County Sheriff’s Office in April has resulted in a string of guilty pleas in Benton County Circuit Court over the past couple weeks.

Five men arrested in the sting have already entered guilty pleas in their cases and another is scheduled to enter a plea today. A final man is scheduled to enter a plea in September.

The sting consisted of deputies placing a fake advertisement for sex online and waiting for respondents to show up at a Corvallis hotel, where deputies issued the men citations for commercial sexual solicitation.

Wesley Burnett, 38, of Albany, was the first sentenced in the case: He pleaded guilty to a single count of commercial sexual solicitation in court on July 25 and entered into a diversion agreement with the Benton County District Attorney’s Office that will see the charge dismissed if he completes 40 hours of community service, pays $350 in fines, and either takes a diversion class for sex buyers or gets mental health counseling focused on sexual solicitation.

Khalifa Mohamed Ali Alhammadi, 20, of Corvallis, entered a guilty plea to the same charge and entered a similar diversion agreement on July 29.

Andrew Michael Laframboise, 32, of Aumsville, and Dieter Welte, 39, of Eugene, also got diversion for the sting after pleading guilty to commercial sexual solicitation on July 30.

John Jerry De Jong, 72, of Corvallis, also pleaded guilty to commercial sexual solicitation July 30 after being charged in the April bust. However, De Jong, who was arrested by the Sheriff's Office in a similar sting in 2018 and got diversion in that case, was sentenced to 20 days in jail and 24 months of probation. His jail sentence is set to begin Aug. 15. Ten days will be removed from his sentence if he reports to jail on time.

David John Paoletti, 45, of Corvallis, has a plea and sentencing hearing scheduled for today for a single count of commercial sexual solicitation after his citation in the April sting. Court documents say Paoletti has also been offered a diversion agreement in the case.

Liu Xiaosong, 39, of Corvallis, has a plea hearing set for Sept. 13 for a charge of commercial sexual solicitation. Court records also say he has been offered a diversion agreement.

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