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1923 D-H

NOTE: The following article originally ran in the Wednesday, July 11, 1923, edition of the Albany Democrat.

A committee of five businessmen from Corvallis met with the directors of the Albany Chamber of Commerce last night to protest the directing of tourists south by way of Harrisburg, rather than through Corvallis. They objected to an article published in the Democrat of July 6, which held that autoists should be guided over the shortest and best route, regardless of other considerations.

The outcome of the meeting will be the publication of cards to be distributed to garages, filling stations and hotels giving the facts concerning the two routes. The cards will give the distances, the condition of the roads, the towns on the two roads south and other factors. "The men seemed satisfied at the settlement," said F.E. Callister, president of the chamber of commerce.

After an investigation the Corvallis men had agreed that more tourists should be going through that place on their way south. They discovered that the majority of garages and storekeepers in Albany were directing the tourists south by way of Harrisburg to Junction City. They believed that Corvallis was not getting its share of the tourists.

Members of the Albany committee do not deny the charge that a large number of tourists are being sent over the eastside highway, but they contend that it is a sincere effort on the part of local people to send the travelers over the best and the shortest road. "The welfare of the tourist is the chief consideration in the minds of the Albany business people in the matter of information on the best routes," declared a member of the committee. Furthermore, they say, when the Albany-Corvallis road is better than any other, tourists will be told so. The Albany people cited the fact that Junction City merchants also advise travelers to keep to the eastside highway.

The state highway department has asked the Albany Chamber of Commerce to take steps to direct heavy traffic over the eastside road, due to the lighter base of the Corvallis road, the condition of the bridge of Albany and the breaks in the westside pavement.

The representatives of the Corvallis body who were here last night were: Myron K. Meyers, J.L. Gault, H.E. Walter, E.B. Lemon, and W.A. Reid.

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