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Dr. Gina Anderson has settled her malpractice suit against Dr. Sydney Piercey for an undisclosed amount of money.

A multimillion-dollar malpractice suit that pitted doctor against doctor has been settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

In April, Dr. Gina Anderson filed suit in Benton County Circuit Court against Dr. Sydney Piercey, claiming Piercey had caused her “pain, disfigurement, disability, and reduction in vision” by using substandard silicone in wrinkle-reducing facial injections administered in 2013.

Piercey denied the allegations and fought back in court, claiming Anderson might have caused her own injuries, either through neglect or by injecting various substances into her own face.

Initially Anderson asked for $7 million in economic and noneconomic damages in the suit. But the stakes went up dramatically last month after Judge Matthew Donohue ruled that Anderson’s legal team could ask for an additional $10 million in punitive damages.

The case took yet another turn on Thursday, when attorneys for both parties filed a motion to dismiss all claims against Piercey and her Corvallis medical practices, Piercey Nerology and Plaza Medi Spa.

Anderson’s attorney James Huegli of Huegli Fraser PC in Portland confirmed on Friday that a settlement had been reached but said a confidentiality agreement prohibited him from revealing the details.

“The case was settled to the satisfaction of Dr. Anderson, and that’s all I can say,” Huegli told the newspaper. “The amount and terms of the settlement are confidential.”

Piercey’s attorney, David Mepham of Hodgkinson Street Mepham LLC, another Portland firm, could not be reached for comment. Piercey declined to speak to a reporter.

Anderson, who was both a patient and an employee of Piercey, claimed in her lawsuit that Piercey injected her with a substance not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use as a facial filler. As a result, Anderson claimed, she developed tumor-like growths in her right cheek that impaired her vision so badly that she was forced to close her Corvallis medical practice, Anderson Neurological Pain Solutions.

She has since opened another clinic, Rejuvenation Medical Center, which treats sports injuries and pain symptoms with platelet-rich plasma.

Sometime after treating Anderson, Piercey moved to Utah, where she practices with the Ogden Clinic. At first she continued to operate Piercey Neurology and Plaza Medi Spa, periodically returning to Corvallis to see patients, but she has since closed both practices.

Piercey previously settled a similar malpractice case for $750,000, according to records on file with the Oregon Medical Board. In that case, filed in Benton County Circuit Court in 2014, a Corvallis woman claimed she developed fibromyalgia and other symptoms after Piercey treated her chronic migraines by injecting her with Xeomin, a Botox-like substance not approved for migraine treatment by the FDA.

There are no records of disciplinary actions against Piercey on file with the Oregon Medical Board. She holds active licenses to practice medicine in both Oregon and Utah.

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