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Goat Yoga is so last year. Kitten Yoga is so last spring.

At SafeHaven Humane Society, the latest craze is Puppy Yoga, and so far, reviews are nothing but paws-itive.

The no-kill shelter at 32220 Old Highway 34, Tangent, experimented with Kitten Yoga starting late last year and had its first Puppy Yoga class on Friday. Sara Girres, SafeHaven's marketing and communications coordinator, said more will be scheduled soon.

"It filled up in less than 24 hours," she said. "We put it up (on the website) at 4 p.m. and by 8 a.m. it was full." 

Four puppy sisters — Apple, Cinnamon, Tina and Molly, all 8-week-old Chihuahua-terrier mixes who arrived at SafeHaven via a very pregnant mother who made the trip from California — made the debut class. Twenty-six humans signed up to stretch and pose as the tiny canines ran and tumbled and played tug of war with someone's stray sock.

Lindsey McGuire of Albany came in late, and apologized for missing part of the class. Then she confessed.

"I really only came for the puppies," she said. "Let's be honest." 

For SafeHaven animals, Puppy Yoga has all the same benefits of Kitten Yoga. Classes bring in cash for shelter programs. Furry residents get extra attention from potential adoptive families. And everyone gets time to stretch and socialize.

Several of the class participants Friday had been to one or more Kitten Yoga classes previously at SafeHaven. Those were fun, too, but there was no doubt the puppies had, well, less cat-titude.

"I really liked Kitty Yoga. They were a little scared, though," said Stephanie Trask of Lebanon. Puppies, on the other hand: "There's a lot more interaction." 

Leonora Rianda of Albany came specifically for the dog days. 

"My husband and I are between dogs right now. So when I saw Puppy Yoga, I had to go," she said. "I'm getting my puppy fix! I can't wait to get a new puppy dog." 

The four sisters at SafeHaven all became eligible for adoption this past weekend, Girres said. To check if any are still available, see SafeHaven's website at

Girres said she doesn't know when the next Puppy Yoga will be because it's hard to predict when the shelter will receive its next influx of puppies. September is likely, however. 

Kristina Corona of Albany and Lynsee Evans of Sweet Home may return to participate again. Both have been to both Puppy and Kitten yoga classes now and say it's worth every lick.

They come, Evans said, "to support SafeHaven and play with puppies and kittens." 

"Puppies," Coronoa said. "That's my answer."

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