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Albany city officials will be working this week to remove trees downtown that were damaged by vandalism over the weekend, likely at the cost of a few hundred dollars per tree.

Rick Barnett, the city's park and facilities manager, said city staffers will be talking to the downtown streetscape contractor later this week on how the trees will be replaced.

"There are at least 11 trees on Lyon Street that are damaged beyond repair and when we get in to look closely there may be more," Barnett said.

"The number we typically use when setting a value on young trees like these that were destroyed is $250 a tree, which covers removal, replacement tree, planting and related expenses," he went on. "These trees have pavers that will have to be reset as well, so the cost may be more like $400 per tree."

The type of trees planted in the area included Corinthian linden, Pink Flair cherry and Musachino Zelkova. It was not immediately known how many of each were damaged.

The tree damage reportedly took place either late Saturday or very early Sunday morning. Barnett said the weekend custodial crew spent "a good deal of time" Sunday picking up overturned planters on First Avenue.

Several downtown city businesses, including Sweet Red's, Vault 244 and ICover Oregon, reported smashed or stolen flowerpots. The Albany Police Department is handling reports.

Lise Grato, executive director of the Albany Downtown Association, said volunteers were out Sunday morning hanging 100 flower baskets throughout downtown Albany.

“We were all disheartened to find the vandalism," she said. “I couldn’t believe someone would do that to our beautiful downtown and new trees."

Grato said she appreciated Officer Darla Luther's efforts to help clean up broken pots and save flowers to be replanted.

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