As I See It: Enough is enough

As I See It: Enough is enough


Let’s be practical about this: Our “Amazon Prime” expectations of next-day delivery should not be applied to lawmaking. We have the opportunity to unleash the power of sequestration in our forests and our natural and working lands and lead the nation in a downward trend of carbon emissions. This short session is a scandal in the making, leaving out the real progress Oregonians have made in protecting the environment.

When I ran for office, I wanted to make sure my experience would bring a practical and common-sense approach to lawmaking. I wanted to look over every issue that came in front of me with that lens to make sure we were making the most informed decisions. Legislation like cap and trade does not pass the sniff test. It lacks transparency, oversight and inclusion of all Oregonian voices. Our communities of Albany, Tangent, Millersburg, and the acres of surrounding farmland would be devastated by cap and trade, but the supermajority has denied Oregonians the opportunity to a fair and transparent legislative process. It is not fair or transparent to give Oregonians less than 24 hours to read, understand and evaluate the affects of a 177-page amendment to a massive piece of legislation, yet that just happened last week.

True and courageous leadership comes from standing up for what you believe is right, time after time. My constituents have categorically said they oppose this bill because they know it would harm their hard-working families and put our community at risk with little to no environmental gain! With the power given to me by my constituents, I will use all available tools at my disposal to stop it.

My leadership will not be found sitting back as the supermajority fast-tracks legislation that would dramatically change our lives and give unelected bureaucrats the power to make choices for our families and our future. I am not here to serve the tyranny of the majority. When push comes to shove, I know I have the support of my constituents to “do whatever it takes” to stop cap and trade.

We know what would happen to my district if cap and trade passes, and I refuse to sit by and let that happen. Doing whatever it takes to stop bad, job-killing and hurtful legislation is my top priority. A supermajority that disregards the legislative process without proper public hearings or acknowledgement of vast opposition does not deserve the right to a quorum. Enough is enough.

Shelley Boshart Davis, R-Albany, represents District 15 in the Oregon House of Representatives.


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