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Corvallis voters pass urban renewal measure

“We got it!” screamed Ward 3 Councilor Hyatt Lytle.

Lonely at the top: Organization works to ease the state's wave of superintendent turnover

Up a staircase and down a hallway in a Salem office building on a Thursday night in late February, Aaron Bayer is holding court.

Fire damages Corvallis rooming house

Firefighters rescued a woman from the roof of a burning building in downtown Corvallis Friday afternoon.


Compelling insights from the heart of our community.

Fundraiser dinner helps to put food on the table for Novak's workers

Faith Hoover, a server at Novak’s Hungarian Restaurant in downtown Albany, said people are rarely ever prepared for an emergency.

Albany's All-City Dance Show highlights growing popularity of Gems youth team

Madie Hollis, a sophomore on the West Albany High School Hi-Steppers, marveled as the Albany Gems Dance Team lined up across the South Albany High School gym on Sunday afternoon during the All-City Dance Show.

Bonding over breakfast: Sharon’s Café workers find temporary jobs at the Angry Beaver

When a fire broke out in the back room of Sharon’s Café on New Year’s Eve, it not only forced the South Corvallis diner to close for repairs — it also threw the whole staff out of work.

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