On Feb. 12, 2019, American physical economist Lyndon LaRouche passed away at the age of 96. Lyn spent the majority of his life fighting for the common good in promoting rational physical economic policies as defined by Alexander Hamilton’s American System of Economics.

He was an incredible source of big ideas and scientific investigations. Many of these ideas countered and threatened the international imperialist establishment. For example the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) was originally Lyn’s program intended to make nuclear weapons obsolete during the Ronald Reagan administration while proposing to work with the Russians in partnership for mutual benefit, not mutually assured destruction, the prevailing imperialist policy even today.

As a result, Lyn was imprisoned in the United States for five years with several of his colleagues who served even longer sentences — the result of fraudulent charges prosecuted by the same corrupt Robert Mueller whose similar tactics against President Trump after two years of unethical harassment have now failed.

Sadly, the case against LaRouche pushed by Mueller and the hysterical defamation of Lyn by the corporate media helped fuel the corruption of the intelligence organizations as now revealed by the current Mueller-gate treasons against a sitting president of the United States!

President Trump is correct when he says the bad cops should go to jail. This should never happen to a US president again. Neither should it be done to a citizen like Lyn! Trump should consider the LaRouche case and exonerate Lyndon LaRouche.

Kevin Morgus

Albany (March 31)

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