Maple syrup with chicken, hot succotash perfect mix of sweet and spicy

Maple Pecan Chicken with Hot Pepper Succotash

Dinner in 5 minutes? Yes. Doctor up roasted or rotisserie chicken breasts with a maple syrup glaze and add broken pecans for extra flavor and crunch. Maple syrup gives a sweet glaze over the cooked chicken breasts, which takes only 3 minutes to warm through.

Hot Pepper Succotash is a spicy, quick version of this American staple. Succotash is a dish Native Americans made from the corn and beans they grew side by side in their fields. When they harvested the patch, they cooked the vegetables together and called it succotash, their word for “hodgepodge.”

Helpful hints:

•Any type of boneless cooked chicken can be used including chicken strips, or heat up leftover chicken or turkey.

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•Walnuts or pistachios can be substituted for pecans.

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Linda Gassenheimer is an author of more than 30 cookbooks. Her newest is “The 12-Week Diabetes Cookbook.”