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Cooking steak on a grill gives it a delicious crust and smoky flavor, but not all of us have a grill, or a backyard to do it in. So what are we supposed to do? Fortunately, we can achieve similar results in the kitchen.

Facebook Marketplace is the most unpredictable place, one minute you have your new coffee table, the next you’re dealing with a scam. Common indicators of a potential scam include a listing or offer being too good to be true. Veuer’s Maria Mercedes Galuppo has the story.

As older Americans hold onto their homes, less existing supply is available for new buyers entering the market. And unlike previous generations, baby boomers—those born between 1946 and 1964—have shown a greater propensity to age in place, proving reluctant to leave homes where they feel com…


An Austrian federal court says the state can’t be held liable for a COVID-19 infection from an outbreak at an Alpine ski resort as the coronavirus pandemic hit Europe The Supreme Court of Justice on Thursday announced its verdict in a long-running legal battle involving a German resident who traveled to Ischgl in March 2020 and visited several apres-ski venues before returning home six days later. He experienced the first coronavirus symptoms shortly afterward. The plaintiff sought damages and a ruling that the Austrian federal government was liable for harm to him resulting from authorities’ errors or failings connected to the “mismanagement” of COVID-19 in Tyrol province in late February and early March 2020.

The U.S. government is stepping up its quest to force ARC Automotive Inc. to recall 67 million potentially dangerous air bag inflators by ordering the company to answer questions under oath. The special order from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asks multiple questions about whether ARC expects any of its inflators to blow apart in the future, and whether it has notified customers about the risk. The agency wants ARC of Knoxville, Tennessee, to recall the inflators, which could explode with such force as to blow apart a metal canister and expel shrapnel. But ARC is refusing, setting up a possible court fight.

More than 65 million households in the U.S. own a dog, but the relationship between owners and their pets can sometimes become strained. Lack of trust is a major factor that can lead to breakdowns in the dog-owner relationship. Therefore, it’s important for owners to understand their dog's t…

Walnut cat litter is made from crushed walnut shells, a recycled byproduct of the food industry. The shells are processed and finely ground into granules that resemble traditional clay-based cat litter. There are a few unique benefits to this eco-friendly option, but there are also a couple of cons to consider.

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