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From 10 years ago, Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2008

Bars brace for smoking ban; Jan. 1 law could clip lottery earnings

On New Year’s Day, the air in Oregon bars will be a little cleaner as a new state law banning smoking in virtually all public places takes effect. Business owners and state officials are worried the ban will have a significant impact on lottery revenue.

“It’s going to cut down on commissions I would guess,” said Kamen Monier, manager of the Sherman Street Bar & Grill in Lebanon. “It’s a bar business; smoking is a real big deal. A lot of our gamblers smoke and they chain smoke.”

In 2007, the Oregon Lottery paid the Sherman Street Bar & Grill $145,521 in commissions form sales of $630,515.

Monier said she has laid off four employees since September because of the economic downturn and isn’t sure how many of the remaining four she can keep if the bar’s lottery commissions shrink.

And it’s not just lottery revenue businesses worry about. Many patrons say they are less likely to go to a bar at all if they can’t smoke.

From 50 years ago, Wednesday, Dec. 4, 1968

Ian Timm Jailed

Ian Timm, 473 E. Vine St., was arrested by Lebanon Police at about 11:45 a.m. Tuesday in front of the high school on charges of vagrancy. He was released on bail Tuesday evening and was scheduled for an appearance before Judge Lyle Vehrs at 9 this morning.

Timm was passing out copies of “Channeling,” a reprint of a Selective Service pamphlet on the purposes of the Selective Service System’s laws.

At the time of his arrest Police Chief Jesse Adams said he was being booed loudly by some 150 high school students who pressed around him. Some were singing the national anthem, and others were chanting “we want war.” Some egg throwing reportedly occurred.

Timm had appeared before the city council on Oct. 16 requesting permission to distribute pamphlets “Up Tight With the Draft?” He was accompanied by other members of the Draft Information League, a Eugene pacifist group. He failed to notify the council that he had already stuffed pamphlets in 300 school lockers just prior to coming to the council meeting. He had previously been denied this privilege by Lawrence Page, school principal. Timm and his group requested the right to attend a meeting between city, school and lay citizens and received permission to do so. None of the group attended the meeting however, nor did they attend the Nov. 12 council meeting where they were told the council would make a decision.

In a letter to the editor of The Lebanon Express Monday, Timm said that he would appear on the sidewalk during the noon hour to talk to any who would listen to him. Police, fearing possible trouble, were on hand when Timm appeared and arrested him five to ten minutes after his arrival. …

Timm was 1966 co-valedictorian at Lebanon High School and attended one year at the University of Oregon before quitting to join what he calls “the resistance.”

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