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    Throughout my elementary to high school journey, grammar was not my favorite subject. I tried to correctly label adjectives and adverbs and master diagramming, but I never could understand the process nor, more importantly, why it was important. I was getting by, but it appeared that everyon…

      Three days later, I’m still processing Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s somehow both the right and wrong movie about Queen, the audiovisual parallel to a $5 collection you impulsively bought on a road trip in some backwater death-rattle town because you were dying to hear “Somebody to Love” right now.

        CORVALLIS – It’s a funny thing. When you’re little, you can’t wait to be what to a child is magnanimous, fantastical and brilliant – namely, grown-up – and when you’re finally considered  grown-up, you want to run kicking and screaming back to the days when you ate too much candy and your cl…

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