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Name: Rani Primmer

Occupation: “I am now a full-time artist. I was a computer programmer for over 20 years before I found the courage to quit and call myself an 'Artist' out loud in 2013.”

Hometown: Ames, Iowa

Exhibit: “Heart Drippings”

Location: “In my studio, Jagged Touch Studio, 340 SW Second St., Studio No. 11, (above Corvallis Cyclery).”

Medium: Digital Painting

About the exhibit: “Given that we are in the month of love, it seems fitting to visit what lies in the space of the heart. So much grows from within the vastness of this tiny little space: self-love, love for others, intention, self-awareness and trust. It oozes and drips snippets of wisdom and wonder and I have attempted to gather these and package them into colorful whimsical thought-provoking heart images."

Inspiration: “The inspiration for my style is inspired by Tim Burton, 'Alice in Wonderland,' Cirque du Soleil and all things whimsically unique that tell us a story. And the inspiration for my stories come from the journey through life, the good and the bad for there is something to be learned from the dark and the light.”

Impact on viewer: “My art is created on the premise that the soul of another is in need of something that will bring them to a better place in life: love, inspiration, healing, self-awareness, understanding, and given that, if and when it connects and finds its way into their soul, my hope is that it will serve whatever that need is and bring light into their life.”

Previous exhibits: “At art shows and galleries in Iowa and Arizona. I am new to Corvallis so am just learning about the possibilities here. I was at the Beanery on Circle Boulevard last month and as part of the Corvallis Art Guild Hanging Around Town program. I was at Leading Floral and will be at other locations throughout the year. I currently have some things at Albany Arts Studio. I am always looking for places to share my work. The purpose of what I hope to do with my art lies in the possibility of crossing paths with someone that needs to hear the message.”

What people should know: “I call my characters 'Seekers.' Seekers of Magic. 'Seeker of magic' was a term that I first learned from my mom. She was a self-proclaimed Seeker of Magic and as the daughter of a Seeker of Magic, I grew up watching this incredible artsy-fartsy soulful woman pull the magic out of life as life happened whether it be the joyful parts or the incredibly painful parts.

"She took that magic and put it in her art and put it her surroundings and let that magic live through her. It was intriguing and inspiring to watch her in action … to watch how she chose to dance through life. She taught me to seek the magic and when you find it, share the magic and by sharing the magic, you will BE the magic. So with that wisdom in hand, my Seekers tell a story about the magic I have found while seeking magic as I've journeyed through life.”

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