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Artist Spotlight Jeff Hess

Corvallis artist Jeff Hess looks at portraits of mass shooting victims that are part of his installation, "Lives in the Balance." Hess will show multiple works at Pegasus Gallery during Thursday's Corvallis Arts Walk. 

Name: Jeff Hess

Occupation: Artist/activist

Hometown: Milwaukie

Exhibit: Four new pieces: “Exhibit A (in the Trial of the People vs. Donald Trump)," "Prey Prey Predator," "Disassembly" and "Lives in the Balance.”

Location: Pegasus Gallery, 341 SW Second St., Corvallis

Medium(s): "'Lives in the Balance' is a large assemblage piece. The other three pieces are composite photographs of dyed water drops from a water sculpting medium I've been developing.”

The artist's statement: "'Lives in the Balance' speaks to gun control and mass shootings here in the U.S. It examines the weight of lives lost to mass shootings against the politics of inaction that allow shootings to continue unabated.

"'Exhibit A' visualizes the rhetoric of Donald Trump speaking from behind the seal of the president and activating domestic terrorist cell Jeremy Christian (the assailant behind the Portland Max attacks earlier this year).

"'Prey, Prey, Predator' looks at the historical race relations the US was founded upon.

"'Disassembly' is a personal piece prompted by counseling for a relationship I was in. In it I visualize the experience of exploring my emotions which exist behind a childhood survival tactic of apathy and indifference.”

Inspiration: “What's happening in my personal life and the world at large.”

Impact on viewer: “My work is for my own expression and release. I don't think about viewers.”

Previous exhibits: “Pegasus Gallery often shows my work. I also regularly show at River Gallery in Independence."

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