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Mailbag: Where's uproar over Portland detention centers?

I find it strange that there are three illegal alien children detention centers operating in Portland. Strange in the prospect that no libe… Read more

Mailbag: Paying too high a price for Facebook

In response to Mr. Ronald Scheele (Mailbag, July 18: "Against the ideals of social media"): Read more

Mailbag: Stop all use of fireworks (July 5) For July 17

The personal use of fireworks should be quelled (definition: killed; reduced to a bare minimum) in Albany and all other cities in all state… Read more

Editorial: Fire season strikes too close to home

The Silver Creek fire burning in a remote area of Silver Falls State Park isn't a particularly big fire — estimates have placed it at about… Read more

Mailbag: Meanings change over time (July 10)

I certainly understand Mr. Farmer's nostalgia for his high school (Mailbag, July 10), but we all have learned that things that we thought h… Read more

Mailbag: Paper has lost touch with readers (May 21) For July 24

At 66 years old it gives me history behind my opinions. Having lived in this area all 66 years I can pass on my opinion from what I have se… Read more


Commentary: Why Iran needs reform before a revolution

Those who advocate regime change in Iran are of varied political persuasions - some are monarchists, some are Marxists, and some are just fed up. But they all seem to believe that if Iran's incorrigible "mullahs" can somehow be driven from power, their nation might finally be able to tackle its chronic unemployment, stave off its water crisis, cease its human-rights abuses, and, in the words ... Read more

Commentary: Donald Trump is pushing Europe into Asia's embrace

With friends like these, it's wise to look around for some new ones. Donald Trump has called the EU a "foe" and advised British prime minister Theresa May to sue the rest of the bloc over Brexit. The U.S. president has already levied tariffs on European steel, and is threatening to do the same on lots of other products, including cars. So it's hardly a surprise that Europe's leaders are ... Read more

Commentary: Nicaragua was one of the most peaceful countries in Latin America. After Ortega's crackdown, it's in a tailspin

Nicaragua is taking a dangerous turn toward civil war. Since protests and riots began three months ago, Nicaraguan soldiers, police and paramilitary groups have killed more than 280 people and injured 1,800 others. The demonstrations were sparked in April by changes to the country's Social Security system and the government's slow and inadequate response to a large fire in the Indio Maiz ... Read more

Commentary: 4 ways America is greater, and you are welcome

Amid the hailstorm of lies, denials, do-overs and comb-overs, it can be difficult to suss out any residual good that the Trump presidency is showering on beleaguered Americans. Like a late-night snacker foraging in the refrigerator for an overlooked carton of takeout fried rice, I have read between the headlines to excavate a few silver linings. In no particular order, here are four ... Read more

Commentary: Ready to pay a lot more for air-conditioning? Senate may leave you no choice

Sweltering summer heat means families across the country have their air conditioners on full blast - in their homes and in their cars. Unfortunately, if the Senate ratifies the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, the price tag for running, repairing and replacing your AC could get a whole lot higher. The 1987 Montreal Protocol was an agreement to phase out production of ... Read more

Commentary: Race and gender principles divide those in artistic world

Took my nose out of the political news to find an interesting clash of principles dividing the theater and music worlds. To wit: What is more important, the issue of artistic freedom or sociopolitical fairness? Does one override the other, or is it situational? In one of two current cases, the actor Scarlett Johansson decided, under heavy pressure, not to play the role of a transgender man in ... Read more

Commentary: Unsung hero: A pioneer in transgender health care

For a brief time last week, a controversy arose over actor Scarlett Johansson's decision to play the role of transsexual Dante "Tex" Gill in the upcoming movie project "Rub and Tug." Johansson has decided to "withdraw her participation in the project" as a response to social media criticism. Even as the media focused on this contretemps, a legendary American plastic surgeon, pioneer and unsung ... Read more

Commentary: Kylie Jenner didn't build that

When Forbes put Kylie Jenner on the cover of its latest issue and declared her one of the "60 richest self-made women," the magazine seemed to think it was telling a simple, inspiring tale: About how the youngest child of America's reality TV royal family, the Kardashians, became an almost-billionaire cosmetics mogul before the age of 21. But the meaning of the story was in the politics of the ... Read more

Beyond the ranch: Rajneesh revisited (Part 3 of 3)

CORY FRYE Albany Democrat-Herald

NOTE: This in the final installment of a three-part series. You can read parts 1 and 2 — as well as… Read more



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