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Mailbag: GOP should refuse big business money

Mitch McConnell, upset at the stance some big businesses have taken after Georgia decided to make it more difficult for people to vote, sta… Read more

Mailbag: Money is at the root of everything

It’s business as usual in the U.S. in some ways. We wouldn’t force the rich pharmaceutical companies to share their vaccine formulas so tha… Read more

Mailbag: Redistricting should be automated

I have doubts that an unelected “nonpartisan independent commission” as described by Rep. Boshart Davis (April 6 DH) is the solution to ger… Read more

Mailbag: Conservatives are untethered to truth

One of the great things about retirement has been the ability to pursue interests I never had time for back when all my energy was, of nece… Read more

Mailbag: Vote 'yes' on Measure 2-130

The events of the past year have reinforced the crucial importance of a comprehensive, robust public health program in our community. Read more

Mailbag: Get the best reps on school board

I am writing to tell you how fortunate we are to have some people with high standards and values running for the Corvallis School Board. Read more


Richard Kyte: Why gun owners need a change of heart

Opinion: Why can’t those who own guns and know the most about them take responsibility for ensuring they're used safely and without malicious intent? Read more


The Ethical Life podcast: Should gun owners take the lead on firearm safety?

Episode 11: Scott Rada and Richard Kyte talk about how their different life experiences frame how they each look at firearm safety. Later, they discuss a recent poll that shows most Americans no longer belong to a church. Read more


Richard Kyte: Let’s stop the culture wars and talk like adults

Opinion: Describing something as a “war” envelops it in fog, distorting reason and obscuring common sense. Read more


'The Ethical Life': We tackle 10 ethical dilemmas to mark our 10th episode

Podcast: Topics include whether you should teach children that police officers are their friends, how much to reveal when selling a used car and if telling people with Alzheimer's disease the whole truth is always appropriate. Read more


Richard Kyte: Taking responsibility is a true test of character

Opinion: Courage is the middle path between recklessness and hesitancy. It is the willingness to take responsibility coupled with the knowledge of how to do it appropriately. Read more


The Ethical Life podcast: Why do people often struggle to evaluate risk?

Episode 9: From COVID-19 to the threat of natural disasters, we examine how people can cope with these and other risks — some real and some overblown — and why people react the way they do. Read more


Richard Kyte: Kindness is too often a neglected virtue

Opinion: I have never met a kind person I disliked, even if I disagreed with their politics or we had no interests in common. Read more


The Ethical Life podcast: Does student loan forgiveness promote equity?

Episode 8: Also discussed is whether boycotts are an effective tactic to get companies to change their policies and why we should consider increasing the pay of our politicians to get a better slate of candidates. Read more


Funding to the rescue: Homeless service providers to share $2.6M


Social service providers who focus on the homeless have received a new shot in the arm. Read more