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Dolly Parton’s Brother And Longtime Songwriting Partner Floyd Parton Has Died At Age 61

Dolly Parton’s brother Floyd Parton has died at the age of 61. He passed away on Dec. 6. A cause of death has not yet been reported, but he was hospitalized in critical condition last month. Like his famous sister, he had a love and talent for music and worked as Read more

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The Best Super Bowls Ever Played

The Super Bowl is as close to a must-watch television event as live TV has anymore. It’s happened every year since 1967, growing from humble beginnings to America’s unofficial sports holiday. Many people who go to Super Bowl parties couldn’t care less about the actual football being played, but when Read more

Crunchy Grilled Cheese Croutons Will Take Your Tomato Soup To The Next Level

Nothing pairs quite as well with tomato soup as a warm, gooey-yet-crispy grilled cheese sandwich. It’s a classic winter comfort food that chases away the sniffles and the chills. But, here is a clever twist that you have to try this winter: Mini grilled cheese sandwiches that are crunchy and Read more

This Vending Machine Sells Bacon For $1

Vending machine options are usually pretty predictable. Chips, cookies and candy tend to be the order of the day. However, a vending machine at Ohio State University is offering some unconventional (and meaty) choices. As of Dec. 4, the Ohio Pork Council has set up a bacon vending machine in the Animal Read more


Security solutions to keep your Mid Valley family and home safe this spring

Talk to a local expert about a digital alarm system that will protect your family and belongings.


Reverse mortgages: Too good to be true?

Important information residents of Mid Valley need to know before they decide.

10 Things Your Dentist Can Tell About Your Health Just By Looking In Your Mouth

When dentists peer into your mouth, they don’t just see how good you’ve been brushing and whether you’ve really been flossing. Your mouth, as it turns out, can be a window into your overall health. Roughly 100 conditions have warning signs and symptoms that manifest in the mouth, estimates Dr. Read more

How To Check Your Medical Records For Potentially Dangerous Mistakes

When Liz Tidyman’s elderly parents moved across the country to be closer to their children and grandchildren years ago, they carried their medical records with them in a couple of brown cardboard folders tied with string. Two days after their arrival, Tidyman’s father fell, which hadn’t happened before, and went Read more

How Virtual Reality Is Helping People Who Are Nervous About Flying And The Dentist

When Shaun Denis wants to relax at work, he steps into a quiet room, outfitted with a few ferns and a chair. He slips on a virtual-reality headset and a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, and escapes to the beach. For Denis, the CEO of Ottawa, Canada-based real estate firm Umber Read more