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The Amazon is burning: 4 essential reads on Brazil's vanishing rainforest

Don't blame climate change for the 39,000 forest fires now incinerating huge tracts of the Brazilian Amazon. This environmental catastrophe… Read more

Meet every World's Ugliest Dog Contest winner since 2002

Just a little something to get you in the mood for National Dog Day on Monday. Read more

Project Lab: A $40 riding-lawnmower hack that could save your kid’s life

Riding-lawnmower-backup accidents have killed or maimed more than 1,500 kids since 1994. This cheap camera could help prevent such tragedy. Read more

Earth Talk: What's the background of the controversy over the mine near Alaska's Bristol Bay?

If the Pebble Mine project is allowed to proceed after all, the nearby Bristol Bay fishery — one of the richest in the world — may never recover. Here's some background. Read more

NFL at 100: How college football became the pipeline to NFL

In the early days of the NFL, college football was king and playing professionally was not something most players aspired to do. Read more

A beginner's guide to whiskey: How to get into everyone's favorite booze

In case you didn't hear, whiskey is cool again (plus, Aug. 25 is National Whiskey Sour Day). Read more