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Curious Kids: Why are some people affected by sleep paralysis?

Many people experience sleep paralysis at some stage, and it’s usually first noticed in teenagers. It can affect men or women. Read more

Timeline: 2020's presidential candidates span the generations


Ranging from 37 to 77, the oldest Democratic hopeful was born before Pearl Harbor; the youngest, just before rapper Lil Wayne. Read more


Bye-bye, blow dryer: Wet styling is the way to go

This method is especially popular among women with naturally curly or kinky hair. But really, all hair types can do it, from wavy to straight. Read more

Hidden perk of being tall: reduced risk of diabetes

For every 10 centimeters of additional height, there's a 41% reduced risk of type 2 diabetes in males and a 33% reduced risk in females, a study says. Read more

Castro’s Attack On Biden For Blanking On His Health Care Plan Falls Flat

It turns out the health care plans put forth by the campaigns of former Vice President Joe Biden and former Cabinet secretary Julián Castro are not that different. Read more


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Want to live longer? Be an optimist, study says

Monty Python aside, focusing on the upside of life could easily be the theme song for a new study focusing on a key component of longevity:… Read more

Acne doesn't just go away when you enter adulthood. Here are some tips for dealing with it

Your teen routine isn't gonna cut it anymore. Here are some tips from skin care specialists on how you can deal with adult acne. Read more

25 most commonly used recreational drugs in America

Legal drugs have the highest recreational use, but Americans partake in plenty of illegal substances as well. Here's a breakdown. Read more

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Brain response to mom's voice differs in kids with autism

Courtesy of Stanford University School of Medicine. But the unique brain response to mom's voice is greatly diminished in children with autism, according to a study from the Stanford University School of Medicine. "Kids with autism often tune out from the voices around them, and we haven't known why," said the study's lead author, Dan Abrams, Ph.D., clinical... Read more

Vegetarians and protein

Am I getting enough protein if I follow a vegetarian or vegan diet? Read more

The Medicine Cabinet: Ask the Harvard Experts: How important is breast density when reported on a mammogram?

Q: I get mammograms about once every 18 months. Fortunately, they have always been normal. Perhaps you moved to a different state or your state changed their mammogram reporting requirements ahead of the FDA's ruling. Read more