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Letter: GOP still embraces trickle-down theory

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Jay Burreson’s “Disappointed by anti-Trump tirade” of Jan. 18 complains about what he sees as unfair criticism of Trump.

Trump’s “university” was closed for fraud. His charity was forced to close for illegal activities. His company was convicted of tax fraud, and its head was sent to prison.

Trump was twice impeached and is under criminal investigation for obstruction and insurrection. He is being sued by a woman for sexual assault. Other civil and criminal investigations are underway. Trump’s habitual mendacity and nepotism are unmatched in recent history.

His lies about the 2020 election and rhetoric led to the violent attack on Congress and the Capitol. Trump hobnobs with racists and neo-Nazis. There’s a lot to criticize.

Burreson also claims that Biden is responsible for inflation. Inflation, which is decreasing thanks partly to the independent Federal Reserve, is a global problem with many causes, including the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

And the federal deficit increased under every Republican president since (and including) Reagan, while decreasing under Clinton and Obama.

Trump is responsible for the largest increase in the deficit (over 300%), mainly due to pre-pandemic big tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, without corresponding spending cuts. Meanwhile, the GOP continues to embrace the thoroughly discredited “trickle-down” economic policy and threatens to send the country into default by not paying bills already incurred.

Stephen Lawson



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