Police Log

No one was hurt Wednesday night when a Benton County sheriff’s deputy was involved in a shooting after responding to a disturbance call west of Philomath, the agency said Thursday.

Deputies responded to the disturbance call at about 10 p.m. on Ervin Road, about 5 miles southwest of Philomath, the Sheriff’s Office said.

“There were shots fired in a confrontation between a deputy and somebody on scene at this call, and they’re still working on the investigation to put the pieces together to gather all the information,” said Sgt. Christopher Duffitt.

He could not say if the deputy or the other person fired the shots.

“That’s what they’re still figuring out,” Duffitt said.

The Albany Police Department is leading the investigation into the shooting in coordination with the Benton County District Attorney’s Office and the Benton County Major Crime Team, according to the sheriff’s office.

Duffitt said authorities were conducting a search with a warrant at the scene.

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Lillian Schrock covers public safety for the Gazette-Times. She may be reached at 541-758-9548 or lillian.schrock@lee.net. Follow her on Twitter at @LillieSchrock.