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Like-Nu Appliance has existed in Lebanon since the mid-1980s, selling refurbished appliances and providing appliance repair services for residents and business owners.

But after a long, successful run, Like-Nu Appliance is going out of business on Dec. 20. Owners Dale and Robin Perysian are retiring to spend more time with their children and grandchildren.

Robin Perysian said it is the personal part of the business she will miss the most.

“I guess just meeting people. I like the small town, I like the community feel. Just getting to know people and them getting to know us and being here you get to meet so many more than if you didn’t work with the public,” she said.

Dale Perysian has the same mixed emotions about retirement and the people they will miss.

“The customers, just seeing people that come in every two, three years to get a different appliance or just stop in and visit,” he said.

The couple has owned the business since 2004. They were living in southern California at the time the previous owner put the business up for sale. They liked the idea of living in a rural community and jumped at the chance, despite having no business experience and not knowing anything about appliances.

They were fortunate that staff members stayed on to help them learn the ropes, including salesman Bill Pettner, who had been part of the business for many years.

Pettner remained with the company until his death in 2014 at the age of 92. He worked steadily up until two weeks before his death.

“He became family. The last year, he came into work three days a week instead of five,” said Robin Perysian. “He loved people. That kept him young, I think.”

The Perysians quickly learned how to run both the business operation and perform appliance repair. In addition, they employed a staff of 6 to 10, depending on business conditions.

“We sell a lot to people who have rentals. They don’t want to put in something new that might get tore up,” Robin Perysian said.

They also sold a lot of appliances to people who preferred older models.

“The older ones tend to last longer than the newer ones. They’re better built,” she said.

Newer appliances tend to have computer boards in them and replacing those parts can make a repair more costly than it’s worth. As a result, newer appliances tend to be more disposable and not as repairable, Robin Perysian said.

The couple has had the business up for sale for over two years, but has not found a deal that makes sense. They do not own the land where the business is located at 2711 South Main Road. So they have put everything in the store on sale for 50 percent off and hope to sell everything including the fixtures by Dec. 20.

Within their blended family, the couple has four children and nine grandchildren. Their plan is to move to Vacaville, Calif., where they will build a tiny home and live near four of their grandchildren and assist their family with child care and entertainment.

“Taking care of grandkids and having fun,” Dale Perysian said.

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