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Spencer Adkins owns Detailed Perfection, a mobile car-detailing business. (Mark Ylen/Democrat-Herald)

A need for a little spending money in high school led Spencer Adkins to a career.

Detailed Perfection, a mobile business that comes to your home to detail your car, was spawned from something he did to make extra cash one summer. It has grown beyond what he ever dreamed.

“Starting a business wasn’t my original reason for learning to detail cars,” Adkins said. “I started by detailing my mom’s car when I was in high school so I could get extra money. The business idea didn’t happen until I was almost out of college.”

Adkins did such a good job on his mom’s car others began to ask him to detail their cars. When he went to Oregon State he kept getting calls for detail work.

“I was able to pick up a few extra bucks,” he said.

He also worked for a time at Main Auto Body in Corvallis and picked up some skills as well.

“I learned things there that have helped me since,” he said.

The idea for a business came in one of his last college classes. He needed a business plan for the class and at the suggestion of one of his professors he created it for an auto detailing business.

“I wrote it for a mobile business,” he said.

Within six months he had put his plan into action. Jobs were scarce when he graduated in 2008 and while he searched for work fate took over.

“I was moving from my apartment when that business plan fell out of some papers. I looked at it and my options at the time and figured I had nothing to lose by starting my own business,” said Adkins, 27.

His parents helped him revise his plan and get it activated but the money invested was all his own.

He took out a couple of loans and got busy. He says the mobile aspect has made it work.

“I struggled my first year,” said Adkins, who went to Crescent Valley High School. But he managed to find a base of operation in Albany on Highway 34.  He kept honing his skills and adding services. Eventually he was able to add personnel.

“One man at first but now I have three employees,” he said. “One does repairs and two help with detailing.”

His building on Highway 34 has a service area where he and his crew can detail cars if the space at the customers site isn’t conducive to completing the work.

Detail Perfection isn’t just about cars. Adkins also will detail trucks, includng semis, and boats.

“I’ve found that the cars or boats we work on mean something to their owners,” he said. “What we try to accomplish is to have the owner fall back in love with his car.”

It’s much more than a car wash Adkins emphasized, although that’s included in a big way. Part of the service is a car wash that can typically take over an hour.

Adkins said an average detailing covering inside and outside the car is a four or five hour job.

“We do everything anyone would expect,” he said. “Interior cleaning, leather and vinyl repair, whatever is needed.”

A trailer outfitted with all the necessary equipment has been joined by a van that Adkins is currently preparing to be a second vehicle in his mobile fleet.

All jobs are by appointment and Adkins can be reached at 541-602-5577. Customers can call anytime.

Adkins expects he will be busy seven days a week during the summer.

“It’s amazing how it has taken off,” Adkins said of Detail Perfection. “But it’s still fun.”

The real joy for Adkins comes in people’s reaction once their vehicle is completed.

“Once people see what we do – the before and after – that makes us feel good,” Adkins said. “That look on the customer’s face when we’re done is special.”

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