Centenarian gobbler

This august old bird welcomed readers from its perch in 1918 holiday ads for Hamilton's Department Store.

NOTE: The following articles were published in the Albany Daily Democrat.

Tuesday, Nov. 28, 1918: Simple Thanksgiving dinners are urged

The request comes from the federal food administration that the individual householder, as well as the hotels and all public eating places, serve a Thanksgiving dinner made up entirely of food produced in Oregon. The food administration asks that this be done as a distinct measure of food conservation, and to demonstrate to the people how food may be saved by using local supplies. Everything served at the Thanksgiving dinner, in order to carry out the purpose of this request, should be a home product.

It should be borne in mind that while an armistice has been declared, that the food regulations have not been abolished, but will be enforced as rigidly as ever. The need of saving food and sharing it with the allies, and the liberated nations, is as great as ever. There are 180,000,000 people in hungry lands that look to America for food which no other people can give them. In their misery and famine, Belgium, Northern France, Central Russia, Servia, Montenegro, Poland, Roumania and Armenia will cry to us. From us food must come. We must save that we may give. It is America's mission, out opportunity to serve.

A call has been issued to all the county food administrators in the state of Oregon to meet in Portland on Nov. 26, for the purpose of discussing and arranging a larger and bigger food conservation program.

The shortest, surest way to good will is through sharing food with those whose need is greater than ours.

ALFRED C. SCHMITT, County Food Administrator

NOTE: The Albany Hotel offered a special Thanksgiving dinner, plus music, for $1 per plate. For families intent on preparing their own feasts, Hamilton's offered such festive comestibles as fig or plum pudding for 45 cents per 15-ounce cans, and kippered salmon for 35 cents per pound, perfect for salads.

Wednesday, Nov. 29: Many attend the union services

Declaring that the signing of the armistice between the Central Powers and the Allies is a triumph of Christianity over barbarism, Rev. J.L. Childers, pastor of the Christian church, delivered a strong address at the union Thanksgiving service, which was held last night at the First Presbyterian Church.

The meeting was called to order by Rev. G.H. Young, who presided during the evening.

A.C. Schmitt was called upon for a ten-minute talk and gave a brief review of the disclosures made at a conference of county food administrators which he recently attended in Portland. The conditions in Germany were pictured as most critical from a food standpoint and he intimated that the work of the food administration must be continued indefinitely in America.

A solo by Mrs. Harry B. Cusick and selection by the union choir were were exceptionally well-received. Dr. White offered the prayer and the scriptures were read by Rev. G.H. Bennett.

An offering was taken and the sum of $31 [$480.95 in 1918] was raised for charitable purposes.

Xmas decorations start holiday season

Thanksgiving Day has come and gone and the Xmas season is now in full swing. This was brought home for the people of Albany yesterday, when a huge Xmas tree was raised to the roof of the front alcove of the Hamilton store and was later wired for electric illuminations which will be displayed on the tree this evening.

All three floors of the store are artistically decorated with evergreens, holly and Xmas bells, giving a genuine holiday atmosphere to the store. The decorations were planned and carried out by Allan Banks and he has received many congratulations on the excellent result. The Xmas opening of the store will take place tomorrow.

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