NOTE: The following article originally ran under a massive, eight-column headline in the Wednesday, Sept. 22, 1926, edition of the Albany Democrat-Herald. (Well, it WAS a lot of ladieswear.)

Theft of more than $7,000 worth of goods [more than $100,000 in 2018], including 200 dresses and between 150 and 200 coats, consisting of the greater part of the stock in the store, was reported this morning at the Sternberg Ladies' Shop at First and Lyon street, in the Elks building.

The robbery is known to have taken place at some time after 9 o'clock in the evening.

The thief, or thieves, gained entrance to the building by removing a glass out of a transom at the right of the Lyon Street entrance.

Mrs. John Kirkland, one of the employees of the store, was the first to arrive this morning to find the back door of the store open and the material gone. Mr. Sternberg happened to enter the front door about the same time that Mrs. Kirkland detected that something had gone wrong.

Two racks loaded with cloaks in the rear of the building were stripped of approximately 150 coats, mostly the fur-trimmed coats of the latest design. Two hundred dresses also of the latest fashions were taken from a case near the front and on the west side of the store room.

Robbery in early morn

It is believed the robbery took place in the morning. Harry Curran, who was working in his bakery on Second Street at this hour, noticed a large-sized car in the alley back of the store about 3:30 o'clock but did not expect a theft so did not report to the officers.

Suspicion is resting on parties who were in the store yesterday afternoon. The store had but recently reopened since the fire and was stocked with the latest in women's apparel. The robbery is believed to have been at the time the night officer is supposed to be meeting trains at the Southern Pacific depot.

Mrs. A. Sternberg reported the robbery to the sheriff and he and other officers are working on the case. The loss is not covered by insurance.

This is Albany's second robbery of the kind within less than two years. The most recent was that at the Bikman store a little more than a year ago.

The Sternberg store had been gutted by fire last July and all of the stock had to be replaced.

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