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This editorial originally ran Monday, Nov. 13, 1967, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times.

If Nov. 11 weren't already a holiday, it should be declared one in Oregon. It was a great Saturday! Victory over No. 1 Biggest crowd ever to witness an athletic event in the state, several thousand more in attendance than the total population of Corvallis. Albany's patriotic paraders were cheered by the largest throng to ever line the streets.

Pre-game festivities were colorful and the homage to our nation's war veterans met with respect and reverence from the stadium crowd in a silence that could be felt.

It was a great Saturday!

OSU Athletic Director Jim Barrett had a real brainstorm when he got together with the Linn County Veterans Council to jointly sponsor Saturday's Veterans celebration in the two cities. Albany has long had an outstanding show for this occasion; it was generous of them to write Oregon State into the script. This cooperative effort developed even better relations between the two communities and probably produced the best observance of Veterans Day anywhere in the nation.

The Beavers were terrific! Such a tremendous defensive game from an underdog is one of the most thrilling sports spectacles.

Our congratulations to Dee [Andros], his crew and to every member of the squad. They earned their victory.

(P.S. Beat Oregon!)

NOTE: The Beavers did beat Oregon the following Saturday, 14-10.



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