Albany Democrat-Herald, 1934

NOTE: The following article originally ran in the Saturday, Nov. 3, 1934, edition of the Albany Democrat-Herald.

Linn County Dry Association leaders today were charged with "utterly failing" to present a valid reason why Linn County "should adopt county prohibition and torpedo state regulation and control," by the executive committee of the Linn County Lawful Temperance league in a general reply to the various public speeches made by dry speakers throughout the county.

The Temperance League's statement was issued by its president, W.H. Worrell, and secretary, Burt Westbrook, and follows:

"Although the Linn County Dry Association has had three months to present a single valid reason why Linn County should adopt an unworkable county prohibition law, and torpedo sane and successful state regulation and control, it has utterly failed to do so.

"It has assaulted the solid and substantial achievements toward actual temperance by the State Liquor Control Commission by illogical abuse.

"It has tried to minimize the Knox law's heavy contributions to Old Age pensions and Unemployment relief.

"It has scolded our citizens; has falsely charged our young people with wholesale 'drunkenness'; has published highly imaginative reports of violent automobile deaths involving liquor, that never occurred in Linn County since prohibition repeal.

"It has worked itself into a fury over 'drunken driving' everywhere except here at home, where public records wholly disprove its words.

"The net results of its efforts are these:

"The Linn County Dry League has publicly confessed that bootleggers will be in business if county prohibition is adopted. The mere enactment of prohibition will not stop the use of alcoholic beverages by all who care to use them, and as they will have the right to use them under state law.

"The Dry League has confessed that Linn County will lose all its share of state liquor funds, not for poor relief and old age pensions, if it adopted unworkable county prohibition. The county is now receiving its share without cost to taxpayers.

"It has falsely assumed that enactment of a county dry law will in some unexplained way work a miracle, and immediately stop Oregon's ever-mounting list of automobile accidents that average over 20,000 a year, and are caused in 98 per cent of the cases by speeding, violation of traffic rules, and human carelessness.

"The Dry League on the other hand has utterly failed to disprove the fact that there has not been a single auto fatality involving intoxicated driving in Linn County since prohibition repeal. It has failed to disprove the state records that show only 7 deaths in the state of Oregon involving liquor during 1934, and since repeal, as compared to 19 deaths — almost three times as many — under prohibition in 1932.

"It has failed to disprove that 50 percent of prohibition's bootleggers have been driven out of Oregon in less than a year by state regulation.

"It has confessed that county taxes will have to be increased.

"Prohibition had its chance nationally and failed! It cannot do anything else but fail in a single county, surrounded by others in which legal liquor is available.

"Oregon State Liquor Control law on the other hand is succeeding.

"We therefore recommend the defeat of prohibition and urge support of the law by voting 307X, 309X, 311X against Prohibition."

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