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What is that line about 90 percent of life being just showing up?

Well, I thought I would see how it applies to the Corvallis City Council.

I was looking for who shows up the most, who shows up the least and who is late the most.

Most effective? Well, that’s really the voters job isn’t it?

Here’s what I did: I built a chart of all 40 official City Council meetings and functions of 2015 and noted who was there, who wasn’t and who was late. The meetings include regular City Council sessions, work sessions, goal sessions, meetings involving the hiring and unveiling of City Manager Mark Shepard, council orientation and a trolley trip of historic neighborhoods.

Here are some highlights of my research:

• Penny York (Ward 1) and Zach Baker (Ward 3) were a perfect 40-0, attending all of the meetings I audited.

• Bill Glassmire (Ward 7) missed just one meeting (an open house for Shepard).

• Joel Hirsch (Ward 6) and Barbara Bull (Ward 4) missed two meetings apiece, with one of Hirsch’s absences a work session.

• Frank Hann (Ward 8) and Hal Brauner (Ward 9) missed three meetings. One of Brauner’s misses was the trolley trip.

• Mike Beilstein (Ward 5) missed five meetings, including orientation, a work session and the trolley trip

• Roen Hogg (Ward 2) missed seven meetings, but just three of them were full council meetings. Hogg also missed orientation, the Shepard open house and two work sessions.

• Interestingly enough, all nine councilors attended all three goal sessions. Does this indicate heightened interest in establishing council goals? Or is three meetings too small a sample in which to draw conclusions?

• Bull (15 times) and Hirsch (10 times) were the only councilors who were late more than once. Hann, York and Baker were late once apiece. Hogg, Brauner, Beilstein and Glassmire were never late. (Aside: As Hirsch notes below in the comments section his lateness generally is extremely minor. At three meetings I have been to Bull has had to be brought up to speed because of council action she has missed.)

• Mayor Biff Traber also was a perfect 40-0 and never was late.

• Me? I missed six meetings, work sessions on Dec. 3, Nov. 12, Aug. 13, goals sessions on Feb. 24 and Jan. 21 and the Jan. 8 council orientation. Gazette-Times reporter Nathan Bruttell covered the Dec. 3 session because the topic, homelessness, was one he had been writing a lot about.

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