Public safety showed up again on my personal journalistic radar this week via an Albany City Council discussion on proposed new police and fire stations.

The council heard a presentation from Fire Chief John Bradner and Police Chief Mario Lattanzio, who explained that they’d selected Portland engineering firm Mackenzie to design the facilities.

Both men were dressed in business attire, as they almost always are when addressing the council.

In the free-flowing way my mind processess information at times, it struck me that Lattanzio, in attire and bearing, bore a resemblance to a police captain from one of my favorite television shows from my college days.

And that resemblance in turn inspired this week’s list, my Top 7 TV police officers:

1) Sgt. Dennis Becker, “The Rockford Files.”

2) Columbo.

3) Tony Baretta.

4) Lt. Tragg, from “Perry Mason.”

5) Detective Stan “Wojo” Wojciehowicz, from “Barney Miller.”

6) Capt. Frank Furillo (the man Lattanzio reminded me of), “Hill Street Blues.”

7) The gang from “The Mod Squad.”

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