Thursday Top 7: Team name possibilities

As some of you know, my Corvallis Gazette-Times colleague Lucky Day and I once every few weeks get together for an 8- to 10-mile hike and then a post-walk meal of bar food and beer.

Wednesday at a place called Porter's Pub in Keizer, 24-ounce mugs of Pabst were going for $3. That represents value shopping at its finest.

During these outings, we discuss a wide range of topics. Since both of us are former sports editors, those topics often include sports.

Lucky outlined for me his four-point rule when it comes to team nicknames:

-- They have to make geographic sense;

-- They have to end in an S;

-- They can't be something that headline writers will want to shorten;

-- They have to be something that it's possible to dress up a mascot in a costume for.

I agree with him on the first two; the second two are less important to me.

On Wednesday at Willamette Mission State Park, the mid-hike talk also included a little game that he, I and others have before in the newsroom: Assign whimsically appropriate names for teams based in various Oregon cities.

Below is what I consider the Top 7 of those musings (feel free to add your own):

1) Bend Overs

2) Florence Hendersons

3) Keizer Permanentes

4) Dundee Crocodiles

5) Pendleton Sweaters

6) Helix Doubles

7) Bandon Ships

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