First off, happy Thanksgiving everyone.

And thank you very much for reading this post, the penultimate edition of Thursday Top 7. One more to go before I start a new job in Oregon State’s College of Business on Dec. 8.

If you have a suggestion for that final list, I’d love to hear it.

Now, back to this week’s post ...

As mentioned a week ago, the Gazette-Times’ Lucky Day and I recently dropped by Porter’s Pub in Keizer for some post-hiking refreshments, which included 24-ounce mugs of Pabst Blue Ribbon for the bargain price of $3.

“Is Pabst ‘the beer that made Milwaukee famous’”? Lucky asked.

“I think that was Schlitz,” I said, and five seconds on the iPhone confirmed that I had correctly matched up slogan with product.

I couldn’t tell you if Schlitz really did make Milwaukee famous, but the words do have kind of a catchy ring to them.

Just like another lager-related ditty, “Weekends were made for Michelob.”

Which brings us to this week’s list, my Top 7 product/company slogans not related to the brewing industry.

1. “Let the good times roll,” Kawasaki.

2. “We make weekends,” AMF.

3. “See the USA in your Chevrolet.”

4. “Coke is it.”

5. “It’s everywhere you want to be,” Visa.

6. “Reach out and touch someone,” AT&T.

7. “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking,” Timex.

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