If you’re worried that legal marijuana is going to have a deleterious effect on Oregon, well, you’re free to have all the anxiety you want.

But I really don’t think you’re going to notice much difference, either in the short or long term.

The two main reasons are:

1) The fact that it was (and still is, until July 1, 2015) illegal didn’t seem to dissuade anyone who wanted to use marijuana from doing so, and

2) It just isn’t the brain-wrecker the extreme anti-pot forces would have you believe.

Would I personally encourage anyone to smoke pot? No.

But then I wouldn’t encourage anyone to drink alcohol, either.

In both cases, it really ought to be something a grownup chooses to do or not do — and no, it won’t be any easier for young people to get pot now that it’s legal; it was pretty easy already.

And just to show that pot use doesn’t completely torpedo someone’s chances of being successful, here’s this week’s list, my Top 7 high-achieving marijuana smokers:

1) Carl Sagan.

2) James Garner.

3) Paul McCartney.

4) Steve Jobs.

5) Ricky Williams.

6) Tim Lincecum.

7) Phil Jackson.

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