When it comes to bicycle safety, I’ll admit I’m not the most careful guy around.

I do use light if it’s dark out, but I don’t wear a helmet; I would never tell anyone not to, but I just haven’t convinced myself it’s necessary.

I know what you’re thinking: I’ll learn it’s necessary when I end up with a skull fracture or worse.

I hope it doesn’t come to that.

All of that said, I do pay attention when I ride, and I don’t do what I saw a guy doing in Corvallis on Thursday afternoon: Fly north along Ninth Street in the southbound bike lane while wearing headphones.

Riding the wrong way in a bicycle lane — or even worse, riding on the sidewalk, especially while going the wrong direction — is practically pleading to hit or be hit by car.

It’s really asking a lot — too much, actually — to expect motorists to see you when you surprise them by being where you’re not supposed to be.

Thankfully I didn't drill the guy. And no, he wasn't wearing a helmet.

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