Hail to the talented

Dr. Hixson's horseshoe cactus.

I always appreciate people who are talented, especially when they’re multitalented, and particularly when at least one of those abilities is a skill I don’t have.

That leaves the door pretty wide open, because my own resume is in this regard is relatively limited.

I don’t draw, paint or sculpt; I don’t rebuild engines; I don’t remodel homes; I don’t knit or crochet.

Basically, I can write a little and also am a passable public speaker, better than average at math, credible (for an old guy) at most athletic endeavors, relatively adept on a motorcyle, and quite solid when it comes to sports trivia.

Beyond that, well ...

I was reminded of the wondrousness of some folks’ talents recently when I took my dog, Jewel, to the vet we’ve used her whole life, Alpine Animal Hospital in north Corvallis.

Veterinarians Dale Clark and Bret Hixson have been there a long time, and I like them both a lot. They’re compassionate and friendly as well as skilled and knowledgeable.

Anyway, I noticed near the parking lot a really cool, life-sized cactus made of horseshoes welded together.

When I asked at the front desk who made it, I learned it was Dr. Hixson.

It’s an impressive work — almost as impressive as the tumor-removal surgery he once performed on, I kid you not, my daughter’s pet rat.

Anyway, my hat’s off to Dr. Hixson and to all of you who put your talents on display for us all to enjoy.

And everyone has his or her own talents; it's just a matter of identifying them, developing them and sharing them.

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