Comes with foldout pillow?

Years ago, upon the recommendation of my motorcycle friend Fast Eddy Patton (cousin of DH photographer David Patton), I bought a really cool waterproof, rolltop duffle bag from the website Gr8gear.com.

The bag has kept my tent and spare clothes dry through numerous motorbike trips, and it also doubles as a campsite cooler if you need it to.

Because of that one purchase, I regularly receive email offers from Gr8gear, including one on Thankgsiving that made city editor Kim Jackson and I laugh in the otherwise staff-less newsroom: I was entitled to a free “Swiss Army blanket.”

I read that aloud, and then the Chief and I laughed out loud.

“Swiss Army blanket?” he said. “Does it come with a fold-out pillow?”

“Or a bedspread,” I suggested. “Or maybe an air mattress.”

If you’re interested in the blanket and all its various functions, check out the accompanying photo to learn how you can get one.

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