A key discovery

The bike and I, enjoying spring sunshine a couple years ago on Soap Creek Road (David Patton, Democrat-Herald).

Went to climb on the motorbike a few weeks ago only to be unable to find the key.

Scoured the house for it and finally gave up and got the spare key I keep in my tank bag -- the key that’s kind of bent and doesn’t work super well, which is why it’s the spare and not the main key.

With that spare key, I probably made a half-dozen trips over a couple-week period, traveling 100 miles or so all over the valley.

And then on Wednesday I found the main key -- it was in the hole under the seat, the hole you use to unlock the seat, under which is a small storage area where I keep my registration and insurance card.

I’d recently put a new insurance card in there.

As you can imagine, I felt a combination of happiness over finding it, amazement that it was still there, and dumbness for having left it there in the first place.

That has been a favorite trick of mine over the years, incidentally, but I’d always remembered I’d left it there before needing to use the spare key to ride somewhere.

I guess some measure of forgetfulness is just a byproduct of getting older ... but it definitely beats the alternative of not getting older.

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