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Greater Albany Public Schools district office.

Members of the Greater Albany Public Schools Board on Monday talked about a schedule change that pushes back graduation at South Albany High School by a week, keeping seniors in classes a few days longer and sending families scrambling to rearrange plans.

But the board members decided there was nothing they could do about it, and so the graduation for South still is set for June 11, even though the school previously had announced a June 4 date.

Board member Kim Butzner spoke on the issue during a Monday night meeting, saying she'd heard from several upset families.

Assistant Superintendent Lisa Harlan said, “As I know, in the past, I think the graduation has always happened in conjunction with the graduation at LBCC (Linn-Benton Community College), so there’s been some agreement that it happens maybe two days before because one pays for the set-up, the other pays for the take down and they share cost for, I think, sound.”

This year, however, there was a scheduling conflict at the Linn County Expo Center with an RV show renting the venue for the first week in June.

Harlan said schedulers at the center “kind of just filled in South because South is always two days before, so I think that there was an informality about the process and missed communication."

LBCC's graduation now is set for June 13.

Board members noted family members who had planned to travel to Albany from outside the state have also run into scheduling issues.

“People who scheduled vacations for that week after with their families and now can’t, so it’s causing a lot of cost issues for a lot of families,” Butzner said. “I understand there’s not a lot we can do about it but that is a major issue for families.”

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