Details for Weddle Funeral-RETAIL - Ad from 2019-11-20

I Don’t Want a Service, I Want a Celebration I can’t even count on my fingers how many times I have heard that very phrase from families, “I don’t want a service, I want a celebration”. Or families will tell me “We are not going to have services”. The truth is that they dothey rent a hall or have it at their home. With cremation on the rise it has certainly made things much more affordable for families and convenient to have the funeral home perform the cremation and families are left to do the rest. However, I often times feel bad for the families that plan their own ‘celebration of life’ because many of the details that I could handle for them add to their grief and stress. Often time I receive a last minute phone call needing assistance because service details fell through the cracks. Unfortunately, many people still believe that funeral homes only offer “traditional” types of funerals. That can be true of many homes still today. However, Weddle Funeral Service Lebanon is different. We cater towards the cremation customer helping them plan a cremation and celebration of life on their own or with our assistance at the venue of their choice. When we opened our new office, I really wanted people to look at funeral homes in a different way. We don’t have a “gloomy” showroom with 25 caskets on the walls or a dingy 1940’s interior. We have a modern look with a welcoming interior and offer services that reflect it. It’s not uncommon for me to arrange catering, flowers and be a master of ceremonies for the families we serve. After working with us, many families say “I had no idea a funeral home could be like this”. But most importantly, we have made our pricing affordable. For our home to plan a personalized celebration of life our cost is $1985 which includes the cremation, flowers, memorial folders and many other services, which many other funeral homes just charge that for the cremation itself. We want to create memorable celebration of life services for the families we have the honor to help, but in the case when truly they do not want a service our cost for a simple cremation is $665. Arranging for a loved one who has passed away should be affordable and personalized. Weddle Funeral Service Lebanon opened in January and is located at 31 E. Ash Street in Lebanon. This facility is not financed or connected in any manner with any government agency or veteran’s or other organization. See more at or call 503-769-2423