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Missy Hammond Murder Case a Conundrum House “CSI Experience” Crossword Puzzle Across 1. Public reports in the media (2w) 4. Obtain by force or unfair means 6. Known to be somewhere else 9. Method 14. Make someone nervous 15. Tell someone a secret 18. Key person in a crime (3w) 19. Looked 20. Lists of calls (2w) Puzzletizement from © 2019, Conundrum House. Puzzle created by Adrienne Fritze. Down 1. Recurrent pain or problem 2. Took a small amount of material 3. Used to enter and examine premises (2w) 5. Does this to incoming calls 7. List of property items 8. Facts related to a happening (2w) 9. Why 10. Person one knows slightly 11. Favorable circumstance 12. Force counteracting gravity (2w) 13. Murder 15. Collection of documents and evidence 16. Body of facts proving validity 17. Empty VISIT US: 460 SW Madison Ave Suite 16 (2nd Floor), Corvallis OR (541) 224 -8114