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, MY MARKET MY CHOICE, MY SAVINGS Gourmet Take-Away Soups 24 oz – Savor and enjoy our delicious, locally made, small-batch soups. Our fall line-up includes Tomato Basil Cheddar, Chicken Mushroom Wild Rice and more. Choose your favorite from our gourmet take-away cooler, packaged and ready to go. SAVE $2 Painted Hills Boneless Beef Chuck Roast Make a magnificent meal of slowly cooked root vegetables simmered with a hearty pot roast. Oregon-raised, USDA Choice beef that’s antibiotic-free and 100% vegetarian-fed. SAVE $3 lb Our Own Recipe Fresh Garlic Parmesan Chicken Cutlets Ready-to-cook chicken cutlets breaded in aromatic garlic and cheesy Parmesan. Northwest-raised chicken that’s 100% vegetarian-fed. No antibiotics ever. SAVE $2 lb 5. 4.99lb MARKET PRODUCE lb Del Monte Gold Premium Pineapples Organic Zucchini Squash 1. 1. For a low-carb entrée, try thinly sliced or spiraled zucchini topped with your favorite marinara sauce. 49 ea Koia Plant-Powered Protein and Keto Drinks 6 oz – Easily add flavor to your favorite dishes with these cheeses from pastureraised cows. Mexican Blend, Mild Cheddar and more. SAVE $1.30 3.99 LaCroix Sparkling Waters SHOP THE AISLES 2. 99 99 Organic Valley Shredded Cheeses Zoi Greek Yogurts 12 oz – Low-sugar, high-protein drinks that are 100% plant-based. Cinnamon Horchata, Strawberry Crème and more. SAVE UP TO $1.30 3.69+dep 3.99 Cento Tomatoes 28 oz – Vine-ripened tomatoes, picked fresh and packed immediately. Choose Petite Diced, Chef’s Cut and other select varieties. SAVE $1.19 3.99+dep 2 $3 for General Mills Cheerios 15-16 oz – Vegetarian or Black refried beans make an excellent side to your favorite Mexican entrées. SAVE 54¢ 2 $5 4 $5 for for Umpqua Dairy Ice Creams Late July Organic Multigrain Tortilla Chips 5-6 oz – Tortilla chips full of grains, seed and tons of flavor. Grab a bag of Green Mojo, Sweet Potato and more. SAVE $1.49 1.99 2 $4 1.7 qt – Outstanding, Oregon-made ice creams. Enjoy a scoop of the 2019 World Dairy Expo's first place winner, Butter Toffee Crunch. SAVE $1.79 2 $7 for for Cave-Aged Gruyère Deli Loaves MARKET BAKERY 19.99lb Host Defense MycoShield Sprays 1 oz – Sprays that protect you from illness, made from five mushroom types that work together to create one-of-a-kind immune system support. SAVE $6 11. 99 Granny Smith apples are hand-dipped in buttery caramel, chocolate ganache and nuts. It makes the perfect gift for a friend or coworker and lovely dessert to share (or not). SAVE $2 1.99 Andalou Naturals Facial Care Using fruit stem cell science, this skin care blends nature and knowledge to renew your skin at the cellular level with brightening and clarifying results. 4.99ea Joseph Joseph Cooking Utensils Master any recipe with these innovative kitchen tools that will give you an edge in the kitchen. Varieties vary by store. Save 20% MARKET OF CHOICE WEEKLY — GOOD OCTOBER 22 - OCTOBER 28, 2019 ASHLAND 1475 Siskiyou Blvd. 541-488-2773 BEND 115 NW Sisemore St. 541-382-5828 CORVALLIS 922 NW Circle Blvd. 541-758-8005 PORTLAND AREA Belmont 1090 SE Belmont St. 503-236-6302 Cedar Mill 250 NW Lost Springs Ter. 503-596-3592 West Linn 5639 Hood St. 503-594-2901 EUGENE AREA Delta 1060 Green Acres Rd. Franklin 1960 Franklin Blvd. Willakenzie 2580 Willakenzie Rd. Willamette 67 W 29th Ave. All locations are OPEN DAILY 7 am–11 pm except our Franklin Market is OPEN DAILY 7 am–12 am We reserve the right to limit quantities. Flavors and varieties vary by store. 541-344-1901 541-687-1188 541-345-3349 541-338-8455 Caramel Apples 2 lb – Delicious breads made from scratch with Shepherd’s Grain flour. Try Marble Rye, Sourdough, Honey Whole Wheat or Buttermilk. SAVE $2 Save 25% CORVALLIS – 922 NW Circle Blvd. (541) 758-8005 Wild Harvest Organic Refried Beans 8-10 oz – Start your day with a bowl of Original or Honey Nut Cheerios. Great for kids and adults! SAVE UP TO $2.49 1 pt – Farm-fresh sour cream, made in Roseburg, Oregon. Use it to dress up nachos and tacos or use in dips. SAVE UP TO 70¢ With aromas of caramelized apples and notes of hazelnuts, this smooth cheese is perfect for fondue. Pair it with a light red or rich white wine. lb 32 oz – Plain, Honey, Vanilla, Raspberry Cream and other select varieties of yogurts, perfect for parfaits. SAVE $1 12 pk – Refresh with a variety of clean, crisp drinks with 100% natural flavors and sparkling water. Your choice of Tangerine, Passionfruit and more. SAVE $2 Umpqua Dairy Sour Cream lb Organic Russet Potatoes Rough around the edges but sweet to the core. 3. 12.99lb 5 lb – Whip potatoes in a stand mixer with softened butter and warm milk for a creamy side dish. 99 99 MARKET CHEESE SHOP 3. lb A low-calorie source of folic acid and potassium, asparagus is packed with nutrients! Try it added to pizza, omelets, salads or soups. 2. Salmon is a natural source of healthy omega-3s. Serve with butter, garlic, lemon and a side of asparagus. Previously frozen. SAVE $2 lb 49 Tender Green Asparagus 3 lb – Resplendent with citrusy goodness, these easy-to-peel, seedless Mandarin oranges add a splash of color to seafood dishes. Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillets Carlton Farms Bone-In Pork Loin Chops Pan-sear these handcrafted and humanely raised pork chops, top with a tropical salsa and serve with rice for a dinner that’s full of fantastic flavor. SAVE $1.30 lb 99 New-Crop California Satsuma Mandarins WHOLE HEALTH 7.99 MARKET HOME & GIFT MARKET MEAT AND SEAFOOD MARKET KITCHEN ® M RKET OF CHOICE® Food for the Way You Live®®

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