Details for Market Of Choice/Turell Group - Ad from 2019-12-03

, MY MARKET MY CHOICE, MY SAVINGS Premium Chicken Strips Crispy, savory and satisfying, our jumbo black pepper and corn flake-crusted chicken tenders are irresistible. SAVE $2 lb 5. 99 lb Painted Hills Beef Boneless Tip Roast Carlton Farms Boneless Pork Loin Chops Oregon-raised, USDA Choice beef that’s antibiotic-free and 100% vegetarian-fed. Create hearty roast beef sandwiches or classic pot roast with all the trimmings. SAVE $3 lb 4. These succulent chops from handcrafted and humanely raised pork are delicious cooked and topped with your favorite gravy. SAVE $1.30 lb 3. 99 99 lb MARKET PRODUCE Blue Jay Satsuma Seedless Mandarins Easy-to-peel, these seedless Mandarin oranges are packed with vitamin C. Throw one in your bag or purse for a quick snack any time of day. 1.99lb lb Organic Honeycrisp Apples 2. Sweet, yet slightly tart, Honeycrisp apples make splendid snacks and a great addition to pork recipes. 1. 49 99 lb ea Zoi Greek Yogurts lb Califia Farms Almondmilk Doz – With 6 grams of protein and only 60 calories per serving, eggs are a versatile, healthy option for breakfast. SAVE $1 32 oz – Plain, Honey, Vanilla, Raspberry Cream and other varieties of yogurts, perfect for parfaits. SAVE $1 48 oz – This creamy almondmilk has more calcium than dairy milk and is soy-, dairyand gluten-free. Try it in cereal, coffee or smoothies. SAVE $1.49 4.99 3.99 2 $7 Carmen's Tortilla Chips SHOP THE AISLES Stir-fry broccoli with other veggies and your favorite protein for a healthy, colorful dish. These classic navels ripen on the tree for a sweeter, juicer, better-tasting orange-eating experience. Crunchy and sweet, these sensational pears from Korea are delicious raw or in desserts. Organic Valley Large Brown Eggs for Rallenti Organic Pastas Prasada Pure Avocado Oil 14 oz – These crunchy chips are made in Eugene with an authentic recipe. Pair with guacamole for a tasty snack. SAVE 99¢ 500 ml – Rich in fatty acids, cold-pressed avocado oil is great for marinades, dressings, stir-fries and more. Made in Portland. SAVE $3 2 $5 5.99 for Pacific Foods Organic Creamy Soups 15-24 oz – For a quick, midweek meal, top cooked pasta with Marinara, Sockarooni, Roasted Garlic, Alfredo sauce and more. SAVE 90¢ 3.99 2.99 Umpqua Dairy Organic Milks 24 oz – Choose from San Juan Nine Grain, Big Island Hawaiian or Save the Bee Honey Wheat, baked in Portland. SAVE $2.49 ½ gal – Pour a glass of calciumrich Whole, 2%, 1%, Skim or Skim Rich milk, produced in Roseburg, Oregon. SAVE 19¢ 2 $5 2 $6 2 $7 for for Artikaas Gouda MARKET BAKERY Made with time-tested aging practices, this nutty and pure Dutch cheese is smooth in texture. Enjoy 60 Month Reserve or 18 Month Classic on your next cheese board with a nice red wine. SAVE UP TO $9 lb 15.99lb South of France Bar Soaps for Cranberry Hazelnut Shortbread Peanut Butter Fudge Cake 5.99 17.99 Doz – These crisp shortbread cookies with cranberries and hazelnut are great for giving and enjoying. SAVE $2 Carlson Vitamin D Formulas 6 oz – Get a luxurious lather with all-vegetable soaps that are triple-milled and made in the Marseille tradition. Vitamin D plays an essential role in supporting healthy teeth and bones, boosting the immune system and maintaining brain function. 2for$5 Save 30% CORVALLIS – 922 NW Circle Blvd. (541) 758-8005 8-inch – All natural peanut butter is mixed into our famous buttercream, layered between moist chocolate cake and topped with another generous helping of peanut butter buttercream. SAVE $2 Swzle Reusable Straws Reduce your single use plastic impact with these eco-friendly reusable straws that are BPAfree and dishwasher-safe. 12. 99 ea MARKET OF CHOICE WEEKLY — GOOD DECEMBER 3 - DECEMBER 9, 2019 ASHLAND 1475 Siskiyou Blvd. 541-488-2773 BEND 115 NW Sisemore St. 541-382-5828 CORVALLIS 922 NW Circle Blvd. 541-758-8005 PORTLAND AREA Belmont 1090 SE Belmont St. 503-236-6302 Cedar Mill 250 NW Lost Springs Ter. 503-596-3592 West Linn 5639 Hood St. 503-594-2901 EUGENE AREA Delta 1060 Green Acres Rd. Franklin 1960 Franklin Blvd. Willakenzie 2580 Willakenzie Rd. Willamette 67 W 29th Ave. All locations are OPEN DAILY 7 am–11 pm except our Franklin Market is OPEN DAILY 7 am–12 am We reserve the right to limit quantities. Flavors and varieties vary by store. 541-344-1901 541-687-1188 541-345-3349 541-338-8455 Newman's Own Pasta Sauces 16 oz – Slow-dried pasta crafted in Portland with the best local ingredients. Pick from Conchiglie, Fusilli, Penne Rigate or Radiatori. SAVE $1 Franz Premium Breads 32 oz – Warm up on cool days with a comforting bowl of soup. Heat and enjoy Butternut Squash, Tomato Basil and more, made in Tualatin, Oregon. SAVE UP TO 99¢ MARKET CHEESE SHOP Organic Fresh Bunched Broccoli Jumbo Singo Asian Pears 1. 12.99lb 5.99lb Rising C Ranches Heirloom Navel Oranges 1. Fresh Steelhead Fillets Enjoy the mild trout flavor, tender texture and beautiful red color of this farm-raised fish. Great grilled or smoked. SAVE $5 lb Pan-readyandhandcraftedin-housewith fresh, allnaturalchickenthat’s 100%vegetarian-fed andraisedintheNorthwest.Noantibioticsever. SAVE $2 lb 99 99 WHOLE HEALTH lb Our Own Recipe Fresh Chicken Cordon Bleu MARKET HOME & GIFT MARKET MEAT AND SEAFOOD MARKET KITCHEN ® M RKET OF CHOICE® Food for the Way You Live®®