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Holiday Pet Tips

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The holiday season is upon us and, as with humans, the temptation
to feed your furry pal more than is appropriate is always there.
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First, “people” food is usually not good for dogs, despite the
pleading look in those big brown eyes. Perhaps a bit of turkey is
OK but certainly not any mashed potatoes or dressing. Pumpkin or
mince pie should certainly be left out completely, not to mention whipped cream.
Now that food is taken out of the holiday equation, do not forget that your furry
pal still needs exercise as, usually, does the human. So, do not forget to go on nice
walks at least once a day. Good for the pup and the human. For a change, take a
drive up to the Lewisburg saddle and walk up the Nettleton trail. Map available at
the trailhead parking lot. Your pal will like it and so will you.

Meet Minnie & Mickey

Meet Arrow

Meet tAnk

They are a bonded pair. Mickey (the boy) is 12 years

Actually, Mr. Friendly would have been a

old and weighs 12 pounds. Minnie (the girl) is

better name. I love everyone I meet and will

run after balls. Whether you get them back or not is

give them kisses too! See Arrow’s full profile at:

another story. See Tank’s full profile at:





12 years old and weighs 6 pounds. See their full
profile at:

I am 10 years old, but let me tell you that I still like to