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, MY MARKET MY CHOICE, MY SAVINGS MARKET KITCHEN ® Two-Topping Large Pizzas MARKET MEAT AND SEAFOOD Painted Hills T-Bone Steaks Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs Fire up the grill for these hearty steaks from Oregon-raised, USDA Choice beef that’s antibiotic-free and 100% vegetarian-fed. SAVE $6 lb 11.99lb Bake or barbecue this versatile meat with your favorite marinade or spices. Northwest-raised and 100% vegetarian-fed. No antibiotics ever. SAVE $1.50 lb Seedless Grapes Halve red or green grapes and add to chicken salad, roast with veggies, or enjoy as a nutritious snack. MARKET PRODUCE 13.99ea Create a fantastic pizza pie by choosing your two favorite toppings to add to our classic cheese pizza, baked in our stone-hearth oven. Limit 3. SAVE UP TO $4.50 1.49lb 3. 99 lb Our Own Recipe Chipotle Lime Shrimp 26-30 ct – Plump shrimp coated in our flavorful Chipotle Lime marinade. Try it grilled with a side of white rice and veggies. SAVE $2 lb 8. New-Crop Washington Gala Apples Galas are one of the most popular apple varieties and are known for their sweet taste and crisp texture. Great for sauces, pies, cobblers and more. Grill this tasty yellow and white corn in the husk for a simple, delicious side to grilled meats. 8.99 2for$4 off all Wild Harvest Products 8.8 oz – Unique rices made with all natural ingredients and spices. Tandoori Rice, Garlic Brown and other select varieties. SAVE 49¢ 14 oz or 3-6 ct – Savor each spoonful of these luscious ice creams and sweet sorbets. Or, treat yourself to decadent ice cream bars. SAVE UP TO $3 2for$7 2.99 Vermont Sharp Cheddar 8 ct – Just like mom used to make! These fluffy biscuits are great with soups and for snacking. Plain, Cheddar or Jalapeño Cheddar. SAVE $1 14.99 2.99 Save 10% Dr. Mercola Probiotics and Supplements With the goal of preserving and enhancing the health of the global population, these high-quality probiotics and supplements have been highly researched and developed. Save 30% MARKET OF CHOICE WEEKLY — GOOD SEPTEMBER 10 - SEPTEMBER 16, 2019 ASHLAND 1475 Siskiyou Blvd. 541-488-2773 BEND 115 NW Sisemore St. 541-382-5828 CORVALLIS 922 NW Circle Blvd. 541-758-8005 PORTLAND AREA Belmont 1090 SE Belmont St. 503-236-6302 Cedar Mill 250 NW Lost Springs Ter. 503-596-3592 West Linn 5639 Hood St. 503-594-2901 EUGENE AREA Delta 1060 Green Acres Rd. Franklin 1960 Franklin Blvd. Willakenzie 2580 Willakenzie Rd. Willamette 67 W 29th Ave. All locations are OPEN DAILY 7 am–11 pm except our Franklin Market is OPEN DAILY 7 am–12 am We reserve the right to limit quantities. Flavors and varieties vary by store. 541-344-1901 541-687-1188 541-345-3349 541-338-8455 Baking Powder Biscuits 8-inch – Moist single-layer pumpkin cake filled and iced with our amazing vanilla cream cheese icing. SAVE $5 Handmade in India using an age-old method, Triloka incense is crafted with sandalwood, herbs, oils and more, handrolled onto bamboo sticks and sun dried. The intense and rich fragrance is great for aromatherapy, purification and meditation. CORVALLIS – 922 NW Circle Blvd. (541) 758-8005 12-15 oz – Crispy thin crusts topped with exceptional ingredients. Serve with salad greens for an easy meal. SAVE $1.30 5.99 Pumpkin Cake Triloka Premium Incense California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas Häagen-Dazs Ice Creams 6 oz – Baked Savory or Teriyaki high-protein tofu. Perfect for a snack or as a part of a meal. SAVE 89¢ 5.99lb up! k c o St 2for$4 MARKET BAKERY MARKET CHEESE SHOP MARKET HOME & GIFT 25 % Tasty Bite Rices WHOLE HEALTH SHOP THE AISLES RXBars 750 ml – A cooking staple, this low acidity, premium olive oil will add flavor to all of your favorite dishes. SAVE $1 Organic Sweet Bi-Color Corn 4ears for 3 8.69 1.8 oz – Nutritious bars with simple core ingredients: egg whites for protein, dates to bind and nuts for texture. Select varieties. SAVE 49¢ lb $ 32 oz – Get your caffeine kick with these cold-brew concentrates. Choose Mocha or Black. SAVE $2 Made on a Vermont farm, this awardwinning cheese is aged 120 days and is created by hand using traditional cheese-making techniques. SAVE $4 lb Enjoy a medley of tomato varieties, each with its own distinct shape, color and flavor. Try Brandywine, Black Russian, Purple Cherokee and more! Rough around the edges but sweet to the core, pineapple is known for its exceptional juiciness and culinary versatility. Chameleon Cold-Brew Organic Coffee Concentrates Wildwood Organic Tofu Organic Heirloom Tomatoes 3. 2for 5 Atlas Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil lb 99 $ 1.99 5.99lb 99 Del Monte Gold Premium Pineapples Noosa Yoghurts A good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, rockfish is delicious when seasoned with garlic, dill, lemon and pepper. SAVE $4 lb 99 ¢ lb 8 oz – Fresh whole milk, a touch of wildflower honey and fresh fruit are combined to make these delicious Australian-style yogurts. SAVE 80¢ Fresh Wild Rockfish Fillets M RKET OF CHOICE® Food for the Way You Live®®

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